Diana Vickers knocked over in nightclub. Not.

Music loving security men deal with quacking menace

Well, according to Yahoo News 17 year old X-Factor loser Diana Vickers was "knocked to the floor" by a man on stage at a club last night. Diana has what might be politely called a "unique" singing style. In fact, she sounds like a duck with half a dozen Brussels sprouts trapped in her throat. Played backwards. Singing in Serbo-Croat.

Put them away, you're seventeen!

In fact, if the "journalist" writing the story had bothered to watch the accompanying video he or she would have seen a dozy idiot trying to put his arm around her and Diana being bundled out the way by fat security men who did more damage to her than the person they were trying to remove. She was bent double (not knocked to the floor) because one of the bouncers crashed into her in his race to get hold of the miscreant before his fellow bouncer. Perhaps they get a "first collar" bonus or something.

Phew, she's not singing!

Probably the whole man on stage thing was a publicity stunt to try to extend her rapidly running out 15 minutes of fame.

If journalists are one of the the lowest forms of life then what are internet journalists? Slightly below estate agents and investment bankers but unlike them they show no sign of decreasing in numbers, sadly.
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