Kate Beckinsale

We had a very long missive from HMS today, giving us a review of the DVD capability of his new Playstation 3. To be honest it was really aimed at Agent DVD and we were merely copied in. This is just as well as he lost us about half way through.

One of the DVDs he was testing on his new set up was Underworld, with Kate Beckinsale; an actress he appears to approve of.

Now we approve of Kate Beckinsale as well, despite only having seen her in Pearl Harbor (which we rather enjoyed-after all what's not to like in Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Garner in nurses' uniforms) and Van Helsing, which was rather less satisfactory.

Surprisingly, we have not watched Underworld, even though we have the DVD of both it and the sequel.

However, it rather sounds like the sort of film we might enjoy but we need to find a clear evening when we can watch it in one go rather than in our usual disjointed fashion.

Anyway, here are a few High Definition photographs of Miss Beckinsale.

We find her much more attractive than Keira Knightley but then maybe that is because, whilst slender, she has proved that she can put weight on (10lbs for Van Helsing, 20lbs for The Aviator) and attain a more Agent Triple P approved figure.

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