A delicious Greek Dish..

Agent Triple P attended a major Greek event in London yesterday. We were delighted to meet up with P a Greek girl of our acquaintance from over ten years ago. The lady had not aged a day in the intervening decade, we were depressed to note. We took her to lunch at a nearby 5 star hotel (a different one from the conference venue, naturally) and had rather a lot (not sure if it was two or three bottles) of Sancerre (2004 Domaine Pascal Jolivet).

P certainly drinks like a Greek. Lunch became increasingly nostalgic and romantic but it was P who suggested we get a room, rather to Triple P's alarm given the cost of the establishment. Fortunately, P picked up the room bill, "I'm not being bought!" whereas we had paid for lunch. £395 does seem rather a lot for a standard room for one night (especially as we only used it for three hours as she had to catch the eight o'clock BA flight!). If we had had to pay for it we would have felt that it would have been £400 very well spent however!

There are not that many Greek babes on the web but here is Vanna Barba, the star of one of our favourite films, Mediterraneo. Not really like P, other than the dark and obvious bit, but the hair length is similar and so is the pouting! P has a rather more impressive bust!

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