Down the Wrong Hole

No, nothing to do with B lying on her tummy (how was your hangover, by the way?) but this morning a great flock (well, six) people were struggling up the down ramp to the Waterloo and City line platform at Waterloo. Then, another couple of people turned and went the other way as well. Are these people too stupid to read large signs which say "Waterloo and City line only"? Or did they decide at the last minute that they didn't want to go into the City but fancied a day trip to Portsmouth instead. Whatever, they are very disrupive and should be clubbed.
Talking of which, Agent DVD gave up his seat to a pregnant woman today. How gallant. Unfortunately, this sort of beahviour just encourages pregnant women to carry on working long after they should have retired into confinement. If you are fit enough to have a baby you are fit enough to stand up on the Underground. If you aren't fit enough you shouldn't be travelling on the Tube but should be at home knitting bootees.
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