Hotel Babylon returns!

Agent Triple P has been having something of a dilemma for the last week since he learned of the return of Hotel Babylon tonight on BBC 1. This is our favourite home grown drama by a considerable margin; even more so than Primeval, which finishes its second season next week. Agent Triple P does not have refined tastes in TV drama!

Natalie Mendoza

We missed half of series two as we were travelling last March (to Las Vegas, ironically, given that that series was an inspiration for the creators of Hotel Babylon).

Emma Pierson

Now the DVDs of Series 2 don't come out until the end of March so we weren't sure if we should wait for the DVDs and then watch Series 3 on repeats or wait a year for the series 3 DVD.


After much soul searching we have decided that we can't miss out on a nice glossy dose of Emma Pierson and Natalie Mendoza so will watch it tonight, after all.

Ah, brings back memories!

We will miss the end of this series too, however as we have to go to North Africa in three weeks, annoyingly.

Scarily like the young lady I was with this afternoon!

We do like a scary girl in a suit!

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