Why I hate Andrew Lloyd-Webber..

No, it's nothing to do with his annoying TV appearances on BBC reality music "talent" shows on Saturday evenings. It's not to do with the fact that he looks like a shrunken head from Borneo. It's not even to do with the fact that he has never written an original note in his life but cribs most of his tunes from little known chamber music by Hadyn (allegedly).
No, it's the fact that he owns so many of my favourite paintings. He has good taste in art! So much so that he is snaffling up all the best paintings. Grrr!

These ones are up there in Agent Triple P's top favourites of all time!

Dolce far Niente by John William Godward, 1904

Pandora by JW Waterhouse, 1896

The Baths of Caracalla by Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1899

The Cave of the Storm Nymphs by Edward Poynter, 1903

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