Lunch with a Bulgarian Babe

So went to a nice Michelin one star restaurant today with the lovely V; a Bulgarian beauty with gypsy looks and a bodacious bust. Now Agent DVD is always asking for pictures of my acquaintances and does not believe me when I say most girls hate having their picture taken. So here is V reacting as most girls do! Had Fois Gras, tournedos and cheese. A bottle of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc and a bottle of St Nicolas de Bourgeuil disappeared as well. We also had an Armagnac but that was purely medicinal. V and I have now done both Michelin star restaurants in the City so will have to look further afield next time.

On the train this evening was one of my favourite regular commuter blondes. I don't think she is English and so is fair game for a sneaky shot. Foreigners aren't people. More Agent DVD's type than mine but look..she can read!
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