The Last Girl on Earth

Well, came back from a lunch with that rare thing an Essex girl solicitor today (very low cut). The sun was shining, the girlies were out and I had had received several dubious suggestions from Belgian A so I decided to call Agent DVD and ask him whether he wanted to go out scenery spotting. This would provide me with a watertight alibi if A turned up in the office. Actually if she had Agent DVD would have lapped her up, but fortunately she was obviously pursuing mussels and chips with some other poor individual.

DVD was in a somewhat reflective, not to say apocalyptic mood tonight. This despite the record breaking scenery in l'Archivec ce soir. Indian girlie, pink top girlie, dress and jeans girlie, low top black top girlie and above all blonde girlie with boyfriend even older than us (hope springs eternal). But Agent DVD's mind was on which one I would grab given 20 minutes to live. He was obviously thinking about this:

I was more likely to go for this:

But in reality a nice bottle of Champagne and a view of the river would have done. Although it would be jolly annoying to get immolated by aliens on Salute Eve.

Talking of Vicious Alien he reminded me of all sorts of incidents I had forgotten about from our holiday with Vicious Alien and the lovely J in the Loire in 1982 (I think). I remember some of the towns, a few of the hotels, more of the meals, quite a lot of the wine and VA going like a rocket (one with big boosters). I think my memories of her lovely bust have supplanted more cultural activities. Never mind Agent DVD can remember it for in Fahrenheit 451.
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