Yummy Mummy: Patricia Velasquez

Agent Triple P has been watching Las Vegas series 3 for the last couple of weeks but fancied a change last night and watched The Mummy again. We'd forgotten what an enjoyable piece of nonsense it is. Any film that has Ancient Egyptians, the Foreign Legion battling Tuaregs, a shoot out on a paddle steamer, a 1920's Egypt setting, tombs and Rachel Weisz is well on the way. And that, of course, is without Patricia Velasquez, dressed mainly in body paint, sauntering to a truly great screen entrance at the beginning of the film.

When we first saw the film we were impressed by the Anck Su Namun character (and not just because of Patricia's obvious charms). Interestingly on the DVD commentary (recorded before the sequel) the director says what a good job she did and how he'd like her back for the sequel. Of course, she did come back for the sequel in a hugely expanded role. But Agent Triple P is not interested in her acting ability. Nor is he interested in the fact that she comes from a poor Venezuelan family and is an activist for Indian and Hispanic affairs. No, Agent Triple P is interested in her body.

Considering she was such a slim thing in her early Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photographs she actually looks sort of solid in the film. There is a hint of a belly and some weight around the hips. Nothing wrong with that and I suspect it has something to do with the American obsession with busts; they probably got her to put some weight on to boost her up.
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