Primeval: Hannah Spearitt

Agent Triple P is enjoying ITV's new Saturday evening fantasy drama Primeval. Produced by the team responsible for Walking with Dinosaurs (but also, unfortunately, Prehistoric Park) it is obviously aimed at the Dr Who audience whilst also having quite a lot of Torchwood in it. It isn't as good as Dr Who but it is better (or at least more entertaining) than Torchwood.

The dinky Hannah Spearitt from S-Club 7 has obviously been brought in to be a Billie Piper clone. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the acting ability nor the natural sexiness of Billie although she did look quite cute prancing about in her tiny, pink, hipster knickers the other week.

She's a straight up and down sort of girl but looked to have a well toned tummy. She is only 5'4", which is nicely portable, and still only 25 years old. I'm not too keen on her hair in Primeval, however: it has been bleached to within an inch of it's life and, as a result, looks rather like high-tensile straw.

Whilst no Rachel Stevens (left) in the body department she is enough to keep our interest until the end of the series.

Actually our favourite S Club girl was always Tina Barrett (above) because she was dark and obvious, had a better figure and great kissable lips. Big Brother showed how much Jo has gone off (she looks like an East End school dinner lady). She is only a year older than Hannah but looks ten years older now!

We taped last week's episode and missed this week's and will be away the next two weeks so w have ordered the DVD from Amazon (for under £13 -bargain) which comes out later in the month.

The dinosaurs are good too!
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