Mission to Vienna: The Inter-Continental Hotel

The first time Agent Triple P went to Vienna we stayed at the Marriott which, it turns out is a favourite of the Russian mafia. Very dull rooms and a disappointing restaurant were topped off by an even more disappointing hotel bar and the worst Vodka Martini we have ever had. The only saving grace was the identical twin chambermaids from Slovakia who attended to our room every morning. First class!
For our last two visits we stayed at the Inter-Continental, just around the corner on the south side of the Stadtpark. It's an ugly seventies pile but is much nicer inside. The Intermezzo bar on the ground floor was the first real American bar in the city but it does get very smoky in the evenings. Too much cigar smoke for Triple P. They do a good Martini, although last time we were there we broke a tooth on an olive stone!

The restaurant Vier Jahreszeiten at the Inter-Continental used to be one of the best in the city but recently it's been replaced by a more anonymous effort called Mediterraneo which has to serve triple purpose as a buffet breakfast venue in the morning, casual restaurant for lunch and a more formal dining area in the evening. The dinner is more than acceptable and the service was very attentive and friendly. The really rather lovely waitress we had suggested a quite wonderful Austrian sauvignon blanc.

The breakfast is one of the better breakfast buffets we have seen of late with the cooked breakfast getting extra points for having more than just the usual rubber scrambled eggs, slimy, fatty, leathern bacon (why is it you can only get good bacon in the UK?) and hash browns. Three sorts of sausage was complemented by proper mustard. Hooray! Nice grilled tomatoes too!

We had a nice suite with two (rather small) bathrooms, a large but strangely empty living room and a large bedroom. It was on a corner so had two aspects (see above views). Two TVs with 3 channels of dodgy films. The minibar (s -we had two) was pretty well stocked with drinks and snacks. There was a nice welcome gift of really quite a lot of chocolate and fruit and a large bottle of water. The young lady who accompanied me soon polished off the chocolate and vouched for its quality.

We'd stay there again but there is the suspicion that Vienna doesn't really have the really top class hotel it deserves...or we have yet to find it.
Room: 7/10
Bar: 7/10
Restaurant 7/10
Location: 7/10

Overall: 7/10
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