Mission to Vienna: the scenery

It's a couple of weeks since our short trip to Vienna; one of our favourite cities in Europe with lots to see if you get the time. It's a very civilised city although most of the shops seem to be bookshops, chocolate shops or lingerie shops. The local lingerie chain, Palmers, had, as usual, a series of eye-catching life sized posters in their windows. These featured dancers from the Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris. Triple P had been to the Crazy Horse offshoot in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in October and they very much have a house style; summed up in these posters. Very leggy, with small busts and tight bottoms the girls we saw in Las Vegas were genuinely some of the most beautiful women we had ever seen in our life. Mostly Central European and Russian of course, judging from their names.

Austrian women must buy a lot of lingerie as you can find one of these shops about every 150 yards in any direction in central Vienna. Given how much chocolate cake they also seem to eat and how many chocolate shops there are they either must work out a lot or Palmers really only sell very large sizes.
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