Miss Austria

There were some lovely girls wafting around Vienna and so it is worth doing the Miss Country X test.

The first Miss Austria that ever floated across my consciousness was, of course, the most famous of them all, Eva Reuber Staier, Miss World 1969. Probably still the only Miss World I can actually name. I think that she must have lived in London as she was always in the newspapers and on televison during the seventies. She appeared in three Bond films and even Space: 1999. She's 56 now..

The most recent, Tatjana Batinic, is Miss Austria 2006. A nice Slavic blonde with a strong nose, which I like.

Next we have: Isabella Stangl 2005 (top left), Silvia Hackl 2004 (top right), Tanya Duhovich 2003 (bottom left) and Celine Roscheck 2002 (bottom right). All attractive but my vote goes to Miss Austria 2001

This is Daniela Rocksenchaub, Miss Austria 2001. She smoulders nicely, has nice big lips, a very beautiful back and looks good in a sauna. She looks, in short as if she goes like a bomb. So, Agent Triple P awards Daniela my Empress of Austria award.

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