Triple P was just in Waitrose egg section, looking for his favourite double yolkers, when he noticed that not only were they selling goose eggs (for £6.95 each) but also rhea eggs at a whopping £25 each.

Rheas are large, emu-like flightless birds from South America which can stand up to five feet tall.  Their eggs are the equivalent of ten normal eggs so would make a very substantial dish of scrambled eggs.  Triple P wonders whether it would be possible to fry one.  It takes half an hour to soft boil one so it may need some frying time!  You'd need some big Cumberland ring sausages to go with it and maybe fried beef tomatoes and large mushrooms.  Hmm!  That would be a big breakfast!

There are about 1,000 rheas in the UK but they need about a week's worth of continuous hot weather before they will lay eggs in our climate.  The recent hot weather here must have done the trick!
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