Black and White Babe of the Week: 29 Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci by Vincent Peters

Who more appropriate for Black and White Babe of the Week on this, Agent DVD's birthday, than Italian goddess Monica Bellucci?

We first became aware of La Bellucci when she played one of Dracula's brides in Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992).  She was that striking that we bothered to find out who she was (not easy in pre-internet (at least for Agent Triple P) days ).

Now we haven't followed her career like Agent DVD has but there aren't many fashion models (she was signed by Elite model Management in Milan in 1988) who have gone on to be proper actresses (rather than models who just pose about a bit on screen). 

She has now appeared in 56 films and, at the age of 46, still looks as gorgeous as ever.

Agent Triple P literally ran into her as their paths crossed in the doorway of one of her favourite Italian restaurants during the Toronto Film Festival a few years ago.  It was a pleasantly soft impact and she was the one who apologised first.

Monica has never been shy about taking off her clothes, thankfully, whether for the cinema or photographs and we had rather more pictures to choose from for this post than most of our subjects.

Sadly, we have only seen six of her films but we are sure that Agent DVD has seen rather more and, indeed, has had to source some of his DVDs from obscure places as many are not available in the UK.

We suspect that Agent DVD's choice of top Monica films would include Malena (2000) and L'Appartement (1996), both of which we have seen, incidentally.  We hope to see him this week and maybe he can recommend a third.  We are sure he will have it in his collection.

Quite often, when the FHM sexiest women list comes out (the 2011 version is due at midnight tonight) we discuss, with Agent DVD, who would be top of our own lists.  Agent Triple P does not have a categoric answer to that but Agent DVD is quite clear!

Oddly, Agent Triple P's favourite Monica photograph is one where she is completely dressed.  It is this one, below, of a very young Monica resplendent in hold up stockings and a polka dot dress which seems to be doing its best to fall off her.  Splendid!

Happy birthday Agent DVD!  May the Fourth be with you!
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