FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World v Maxim Hot 100: 2011

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

So, the two big lists of sexiest/hottest women have appeared again and, shock, they both have the same number one: English model Rosie Huntington-Whitely.  This is the first time (the Maxim list first appeared in 2000- FHM in 1995) the two lists have had the same number one. Rosie is the first British woman to top the Maxim list because, although Maxim is a UK-based publication, the results from its poll (actually nowhere do they say it is a poll it could just be an editorial pick) overwhelmingly reflect US or US-known women.  In the US Maxim is the top selling magazine of its type whereas in Britain sales were so low the print version ceased some time ago.   In contrast, the FHM list (which they claim is a poll) has many more British entries.  Agent Triple P has never even heard of 55 of the Maxim list but only 24 on the FHM list are unknown to Triple P, again, an indication of regional differences.

As we saw last year the two lists are very different.

Marissa Miller: but not for Maxim

The FHM top ten list looks like this (Maxim ranking in brackets)

1. Rosie Huntington Whiteley (1)
2. Katy Perry (3)
3. Rhianna (22)
4. Megan Fox (17)
5. Olivia Wilde (15)
6. Brooklyn Decker (36)
7. Marisa Miller (-)
8. Kelly Brook (60)
9. Nicole Scherzinger (51)
10. Irina Shayk (-)

Irina Shayk: the bottom of the top ten

Triple P's verdict on the list is that Rosie should be hovering around the low eighties, Katy Perry shouldn't be on the list at all and neither should Pekinese-faced Barbadian "singer" Rhianna. The next six are OK, we suppose, although we have never heard of Olivia Wilde and think Nicole Scherzinger is starting to deteriorate quite quickly.  Poor Kelly Brook couldn't get higher despite stripping for Playboy and taking everything off for Piranha 3D.  From this list we would probably (sorry Kelly) put Irina Shayk first, yet she didn't make the Maxim list at all.

Bar Rafaeli

The Maxim top ten is as follows (FHM ranking in brackets):
1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (1)
2. Olivia Munn (88)
3. Katy Perry (2)
4. Cameron Diaz (-)
5. Mila Kunis (16)
6. Bar Rafaeli (97)
7. Anne Hathaway (54)
8. Natalie Portman (19)
9. Cobie Smulders (-)
10. Jennifer Lawrence (-)

Jennifer Lawrence knows what to do to attract mens' votes

Well, for this top ten our comments on Rosie and Katy remain the same.  Olivia Munn should be much lower we think.  Cameron Diaz's high appearance is something of a surprise but at least she is batting strongly for the late-thirties.  Anne Hathway's FHM rating is over-high, let alone getting a top ten place: surely this is a case where the producers of her forthcoming Batman film are trying to push her Catwoman appearance and are pressuring the magazine? Natalie and Mila show what a lesbian sex scene can do for you.  Bar shows what a celebrity boyfriend can do for you (two Israeli born girls in the top ten-fair enough, they have some lovely women there).  We hadn't heard of Cobie Smulders but she is from Vancouver so that is a positive! Jennifer Lawrence was another unkown but she looks rather splendid.

 Natalie Portman

So, again, only two women make the top ten of both: Rosie and the inexplicably popular Katy Perry.  In the top twenty, again as last year, they only have five girls in common.  They have slightly more in common over the top 100 than last year 30 this year as opposed to 26 last year. 

British actress Emily Atack; she's a distant relative of Sir Paul McCartney

There are still the girls who figure highly on one list and not on the other.  This is understandable if we accept the regional differences but there are some oddities.  The FHM list is packed with UK TV starlets such as Emily Atack, for example, but how come American model Marissa Miller, 7th on the FHM list and 10th on the Maxim list last year (and a former Maxim winner in 2008) has disappeared off this year's Maxim list completely?  The Maxim list also puts has-been Anna Kournikova at 19 whereas FHM, rightly, doesn't rate her at all.

Eliza Dushku

There are a number of American actresses, however, who figure on the FHM list but are not the Maxim list: Kristen Stewart (13), Hayden Panettiere (21) (OK, she's Canadian but she is in an American TV show), Amber Heard (34), Summer Glau (37), Eliza Dushku (38), Diora Baird (40),  Eva Longoria (76) (a former double Maxim outright winner but nowhere to be seen this year) and Angelina Jolie (90).

Diora Baird

One disturbing trend is that there are worrying numbers of actresses from Twilight and Glee on the UK list (we had to have a young lady point this out to Triple P as we had no idea who they were). What sort of man watches Glee?  Ok, regarding Twilight you might get dragged along to the cinema by your girlfriend (if your girlfriend is fourteen) but Glee?  Horrors!  As an aside, is it just me that feels that it is wrong for the wheelchair bound character in Glee (surely the most annoying face on TV at present) to be played by an able bodied actor. Ironside was decades ago, surely there must be an actor in a wheelchair who would be desperate for the job?

Will Rosie's tummy be as good an actor as Megan's tummy?

As to Rosie Huntington-Whitely, she is quite pretty in a pouty way but is she really that famous?  It does make you wonder, given her forthcoming appearance in what needs to be a franchise saving Transformers film, to what extent the film's PR people have been promising the earth to the magazines in question.  Let's face it, if you are more than 12 years old the only reason to watch the first two Transformers films (it's based on a childrens' toy, for heavens sake!) was Megan Fox and now she has gone they need to hype up her almost completely unknown (until now!) replacement.

So, who would Triple P vote for this year?  There are very many beautiful girls in the list but beauty and sexy are not necessarily the same.  Probably Natalie Portman, whose perfect visage has been on posters all over the underground for months.
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