Calendar Girl May 2011: Frankie Sandford

 Frankie in this month's calendar pose

This month's calendar girl is singer/songwriter (the latter meaning, we suspect, that she scribbles the odd line of a lyric rather than actually composing any music) Frankie Sandford who was, rather surprisingly to Triple P, 23rd on FHM's sexiest women in the world this year.  22 Year old Frankie was born in Upminster; really only famous for being one end of the District underground line.

Sandford, an Essex stage school kid,  first became famous a tthe age of thirteen after joining pre and early teen boy/girl group S Club Juniors who were chosen via a reality TV show. 

Thank heaven for little girls...

Unexpectedly successful (they were supposed to be a supporting group for S Club for just one concert), the group had a number of hits and appeared in their own TV series.

...for little girls get bigger every day!

Sandford was one of the most prominent singers in the eight person group (hence their later name, S Club 8) which folded in early 2004.

 Frankie (centre) with the other Saturdays

In 2007 Sandford successfully auditioned to join girl band The Saturdays (along with former S Club Juniors bandmate Rochelle Wiseman).

The Saturdays have been very popular as well, with eight top ten singles and three top ten albums and are still going strong.

Sandford has been the member of the group who has atrracted the most publicity mostly through going out with  a member of British boy band McFly.

Having broken up with him she now has a professional footballer boyfriend although she denies she is a WAG (sorry, you are!).  Her haircut is amost as famous as she is and has been much copied.

Lately she has been getting unwelcome publicity (is there such a thing?) by having photographers taking pictures of parts of her anatomy she would rather they didn't as she struggles in and out of cars at rent a celeb events.

Perhaps you should just choose clothes that are designed to actually cover you up if you don't like it, Frankie?

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