Rosamund Pike to star in Clash of the Titans sequel

The very classical Rosamund Pike

The recent re-make of Clash of the Titans (2010) was something of a disappointment.  It started well but soon became utterly overwhelmed by (not very good) CGI.  I think I gave up on it when the people riding giant scorpions appeared and as for the ludicrously over the top city at the end...  We know it's a fantasy but it is supposed to be set in Ancient Greece, even if it is a fantasy version, so they should make sure the cities look plausible for Ancient Greece or, at the very least, architecturally possible.  The problem is that ancient cities were rather small scale and so art directors tend to beef them up; see also Gladiator and Troy

Alexa Davalos

Our views notwtstanding, the film made over $450million so the inevitable sequel has been announced.  One change from the original is that the actress playing Andromeda in the first film, Alexa Davalos, is being replaced by Rosamund Pike.  Now, usually when they replace the original actress for another in a sequel you get a lesser actress (the third Mummy film, for example) but in this case they are not only getting a better actress but a more attractive one too.

Gemma Arterton

Davalos made very little impact in Clash of the Titans; the female acting profile being stolen by Gemma Arterton's Io,  who will be back for the sequel.


Rosamund Pike first came to fame in the James Bond film, Die Another Day (2002) but seems to have avoided the curse of the Bond girl.  She was also a great hit in the play Hitchcock Blonde where she spent 26 weeks having to strip off completely, other than a pair of high heeled shoes.  She is quoted as saying it never bothered her until one night when she forgot the shoes and felt completely exposed!  Maybe this is why so many otherwise naked women in glamour photographs keep their shoes on!

The elegant Rosamund Pike

Pike is a very elegant young woman, you never see pictures of her in jeans or wearing weird outfits, she always looks beautifully turned out.

So now we are looking forward to the new Clash of the Titans film rather more than we were!

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