Martini of the Week 5: Ulus 29, Istanbul

Triple P had this week's Martini at the hyper-trendy Ulus 29 nightclub, restaurant and bar in Isatanbul last week.  Triple P had been there before but on that occasion it was a boring business dinner.  This time, however, we went with our particular friend B (once our somewhat clueless taxi drive had found the place - it is a bit tucked away).

The view from Ulus

The key thing about the place, of course, is the location; sitting high overlooking the Bosphorous Bridge to Asia.  Well, that and the food, which is excellent.  And the service which is also excellent.  And all the attractive Turkish women there.

But what is their Martini like?  The answer is large, cold and strong.  It suffered from two olives too many but otherwise was a very good effort indeed.  B had one of their strawberry Martinis in the bar before we sat down which was also very good, she said.  All in all a nice place to spend the evening if you are ever in Istanbul.

Overall 7/10.
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