A really annoying advertisement!

For some reason advertisements (or "commercials" as only people in the industry call them) on radio are much more annoying than when they are on TV.  Possibly because they are disassociated from any possibly redeeming visuals but mostly, we suspect, the reason is that there seem to be a lot less adverts on radio at any one point in time compared with TV.  The other issue is that, because of the nature of the medium, they tend to be information heavy.  You can't just show some nice footage of the product accompanied by music.  No, you have to suffer the thing that makes Agent Triple P hate radio so much; people talking at you.

Classic FM always seems to be cursed with a particularly annoying set of adverts and always drawn from a very small selection so that you get the same advert over and over again.  Some of them are so annoying we actually have to turn the radio off. 

Oi, Gary, stop polluting our airwaves with your smarmy oleaginous tones, you soporific, self-satisfied sounding American!

Most annoying at present is one of those Honda adds featuring the lugubrious voice of Garrison (real name Gary) Keillor.  Why is it that a Japanese firm selling in Britain feels that it is appropriate to use an American voice?  Is it because they are trying to sound less Japanese?  

British actor Simon Day must have got just as sick of Andy Williams as Agent triple P whilst making this advert

Anyway we would never buy anything made by Honda as a result; particularly as they were responsible for the really annoying "Impossible dream" TV advert featuring Agent Triple P's least favourite singer Andy fucking Williams!   Christmas is approaching and with it the terrifying prospect of "It's the most wonderful time of the year" playing everywhere again.  Fortunately Agent Triple P's planned visit to Canada (this particular song is far more popular in North Amrica) before Christmas has had to be postponed on account of the fact that we have to go to Africa instead.  Hopefully they will not have Andy Williams in Africa.

While we are on the subject of Classic FM another really annoying thing at present is their announcer who gives the frequency details.  It's the way he pronounces "digital" that annoys Triple P.   "Blah blah blah and on digital radio".  Now everyone Triple P knows pronounces this word "digi-tul" (with the third syllable rhyming with "bull" ) and the second vowel hardly being pronounced at all; as if written "digitle".  This ghastly fellow pronounces it "digi-tal" (third syllable rhyming with "shall") with far more emphasis on the third syllable.  Yes we know that the word is spelt "digital" but is still drives us mad!

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