Pudding insanity on eBay: Heston's Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding

The newsapapers report today that Mr Egg-on-legs, Heston Blumenthal's hidden orange Christmas pudding for Waitrose has sold out.  As a result, they go on, there were 30 on ebay going for up to £100 each.  Well, that may have been the case this morning but now there are 56 on eBay as people decide they'd rather have the money than the pudding.  The early lots are going for around £100 but some of the ones coming in today are still only £16 (galling if you've bid £102 for one, eh?).  Some people have even put them on as a "buy it now" at £250!  We think the rush of late entires may have over-egged the pudding, as surely there are only so many people stupid enough to pay £100 for a £10 pudding.  They can't make any more before Christmas, it seems, as the orange inside it needs 7 weeks to soak in whatever disgusting stuff it has to soak in (have you ever seen a Heston Blumenthal recipe that you'd actually want to eat?).

After all if you like Christmas pudding presumably you'd want to eat pudding not find a large percentage of it has been relaced by a squishy orange (complete with peel).  Of course, it is just a variant on good old Sussex Pond Pudding but think how many expensive pudding ingredients you save by replacing it with a cheap orange.  Very good in recession-hit Britain.  Maybe they could invent one with a potato in for the Irish.  It's rather like those pork pies with eggs in. We like pork pie but we like the pie; don't replace part of the contents with a cheap, manky hard-boiled egg.  Maybe Heston got the idea by looking at himself in the mirror.  

Humpty has an eggcellent idea..

Apparently, one was returned to Triple P's local Waitrose yesterday (because the people had two, not because there was anything wrong with it -bet they wished they hadn't returned it now!).  Anyway, Waitrose decided not to put it back on the shelves as they were worried there would be a riot!   Someone is taking the pith.    
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