Leaf Blowers. Why?

No people with leaf blowers actually look like this

Triple P was out and about in Britain's answer to Beverley Hills today and finds the place is infested with leaf blowers.

This is a particularly pointless American invention which, yes, blows leaves about.  So, you have leaves in front of your house, you switch on your noisy, polluting leaf blower and it blows the leaves one or two yards.  Excellent!  You can the blow them into the road where they will make a nice slippery surface for cars or cyclists.  Or you can blow them down the road so that they are all in front of your neighbours house.  Or, er, that's it, really.  What then happens is that the wind then blows them all back again within an hour or two.  This is because people who have leafblowers are, by definition, too lazy to do proper gardening where you collect up leaves with a rake or broom and then dispose of them!   They are mostly too fat to bend down and pick them up so they just shove them somwhere else.

Whether the spread of these infernal engines is due to the large amount of Americans living here or just that people living here have so much money they don't know what to do with it, I don't know.  But they should be banned. Now!
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