Concrete Mixer drops on train in Oxshott

Total chaos around Triple P's house today as yesterday afternoon a concrete mixer (not a cement mixer, as the press erroneously reports) fell off the bridge at Oxshott railway station, hit a train and bounced onto the side of the railway line, where it is likely to remain until Monday at least. 

The main road from the M25 to the A3 (about two miles) has been closed off at either end, involving much circuitous, alternate route finding.  Why they have had to close off quite so much of the road is beyond Agent Triple P; a couple of hundred feet in either direction would have been quite enough we would have thought.

The accident happened at about 15.30 and the concrete mixer landed on the train going from Guildford to Waterloo.  Fortunately, there weren't too many people on it at that time of day.  Five people were injured  and the driver of the concrete mixer is doing better than originally thought. 

You can see where the mixer hit the train half way down on the left

Agent Triple P and Agent DVD go under this bridge twice a day.  It would never occur to you that a concrete mixer might land on your head!  We couldn't possible comment on the cause of the accident but Agent Triple P has lived here for sixteen years and has never heard of anyone hitting the bridge parapet before.  It is at the bottom of a short steep hill so if you were going too fast...  Even so, the bend would take you over to the other side... Odd!
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