Porridge Baldy

Tha ghastly porridge eating slaphead was on the train again today. Recently it has been so busy that he has had to stand and we were getting excited at the prospect that he wouldn't be able to eat his porridge on the train but someone always leaves and he manages to shovel it in out of his dodgy Tupperware box.

Worse still today he sprayed deoderant inside his shirt as well! Argh! He was making a phone call earlier in the week and was SPEAKING FRENCH! Why does this not surprise us. Although he doesn't look French. Maybe Belgian.

He is now, officially, the person I hate most in the world. More than Amy Winehouse, more than Kim Jong-il, more than Gordon Brown (just), more than Kate Moss, more than Russell Brand. Even more than Andy Williams!

He has to die! Drown him in a vat of porridge!
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