Bank Holiday Weather

Met Office spoilsports keep Bank Holiday bikini babes off Bournemouth beaches

We see that officials in Bournemouth are accusing the Met Office of having lost them a fortune in tourist revenue over the Bank Holiday. The so-called weather experts predicted heavy rain on the Monday. Instead it was warm and sunny but the usual thousands who would normally have rushed to experience the joys of Bournemouth stayed at home because of the forecast.

Agent Triple P last visited Bournemouth in the early nineties for one of those ghastly team building/management courses at a sea front hotel of mind numbing indifference. We managed to escape for a a quick walk and found it to be full of the sort of tarty dress shops that heavily feature leopard print, a la Howard's Way. Now apparently, it is a place of swinging grooviness full of bikini babes (the internet is full of pictures of Bournemouth beach babes)and lap dancing clubs. Not much like Eastbourne then. .

Agent Triple P's father always maintained that the government ensured there was a bad weather forecast for the Bank Holiday as it kept people off the roads. The government is obviously continuing with this practice.

It's all part of Mr Gordon Brown's no fun Britain...
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