No tubas on the tube!

The case in point

Fighting his way out of the subterranean hell-hole that is Tottenham Court Road tube station this morning Agent Triple P's view forward was blocked by a gormless man who appeared to be wearing the world's biggest rucksack. As he fought his way down the narrow passage leading from the platform he happily crashed this rucksack into anyone in the vicinity. On closer inspection (very close, as he kept stopping dead for no discernible reason) this turned out to be a carrying case for a tuba.

Now tubas are large instruments and have absolutely no place on the Underground, especially on someone's back which means that they can't tell what havoc they are wreaking in their wake. So we must now add to our list of practices that should be banned on the Tube the carrying of tubas. Get a blooming taxi you cheapskate! Horrible sounding instrument anyway!
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