Carry on Up Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro. It's big.

Agent Triple P has always enjoyed reading the adventures of the great nineteenth century explorers as they trekked into the Dark Continent in the nineteenth century to "discover" things which the locals had always known about anyway. So he is following with some interest the exploits of some latter day inheritors of the spirit of Burton, Speke, Stanley, Baker and Livingstone.

Van Outen

For now we have Van Outen, Cotton, Cole, Walsh and Dixon. Yes, some of Triple P's very favourite female celebrities are climbing Kenya's Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for Comic Relief. Now Triple P is not exactly an intrepid explorer unlike, for example, Agent DVD who has just returned from a mountain biking trip to Southern India. DVD has camped out in many of the wild parts of the world whereas Triple P gets very nervous if he is more than twenty miles from a five star hotel, a hot bath and a very cold Vodka Martini.
However, even Triple P might be tempted to join an expedition which includes Denise van Outen, Fearne Cotton, Cheryl Cole, Kimberly Walsh and Alesha Dixon. Amazingly these women (and some random chaps we couldn't care less about) are spending eight days climbing said mountain.




The thought of the two Girls Aloud ladies and Alesha sharing a tent (as they are) is, well, intense! We would even venture that we might be persuaded to follow these young ladies up some very steep inclines.

Van Outen finds the climb to be most stimulating. Or maybe it's just cold.

Good luck girlies! It's not an easy climb by anyone's standards. You can sponsor Alesha and the others here:

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