Too much make-up...

"To be an actor see Mr Factor, He'll make your kisser look good" -Hooray for Hollywood (Whiting/Mercer) from Hollywood Hotel (1937)

Agent Triple P is as susceptible to the next man to the effect created by a clever make-up artist in the pages of Playboy or Vogue and, indeed, the ability of these people to make the mundane look exceptional is truly awe inspriring; unfortunately to the extent that some become so enamoured of the artifice that they lose hold on the reality of real women. We prefer our ladies defiantly un-made up; not just for the look but also the unpleasant tactile reality of an over-done maquillage.

Two incidents have sparked this reflection.

Yesterday we were out and about and saw several young ladies in full warpaint at around 4.30pm. These particular specimens were probably not over the age of fifteen (possibly younger) but were encrusted with the full Hollywood look. Frankly it looked ridiculous at that time of day; they had seriously mistaken fashion magazine photgraphic make-up for what is acceptable on the street. As a result they looked like some of the more dubious young ladies Triple P has encountered after midnight at Hollywood and Vine.

Secondly, today saw the welcome return of young "Ludivine" on the morning train. She is a fresh faced girl but with a hint of skin problems on her cheeks, no doubt exasipated by the hideous amount of powder she was coating herself with. She pulled out her make-up bag which was stuffed with all sorts of hideously unhealthy looking bottles and pots. Leave it alone! Let the sun get to your face for a couple of weeks and you will look lovely.
Girls. Honestly!

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