Civilisation vs Anarchy

So, tomorrow thousands of terrorists, communists, anarchists, enviromentalists, criminals, foreigners and the unemployed, will descend on the City under the guise of peaceful protest but, in reality, intent on destruction, robbery and violence. Egged on by the press (Agent DVD reports one shop in the Royal Exchange was boarding up its windows to the delight of the pinko TV news crew) there will be, no doubt, hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage caused by life's losers.

There is one solution to this influx of criminals: the good old seventeenth century pike block. The Honourable Artillery Company already have pikemen who are used for ceremonial occasions. Let's stick 500 of them at Bank and deal with these enemies of Britain at the point of 16 foot pikes. A few musketmen on the roof of the Royal Exchange wouldn't go amiss either. Agent Triple P is proud to see that Agent DVD will be defying the anarchist mob to go to work in the City tomorrow. Stupid anarchists (how do they organise anything?) will not be able to tell the difference between banks and insurers but they aren't really interested in protest are they?

A pox upon them all!
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