Your shoes are untied..

Agent Triple P has never really got the hang of shoelaces. He finds that they come undone all the time. Usually, however, there are several firmly tied sub-knots and so if the "cosmetic" knot comes undone there is no problem. He does not need people he knows, or even worse, people he doesn't know telling him his laces are undone. He knows when his laces are undone, his periferal vision is quite capable of showing him this.

Triple P was in Leadenhall Market last week happily listening to some Khachaturian on his iPod when he became aware of some fellow, not just telling him once, but pursuing him up the street to tell him again about his laces. Eventually he had to remove his earphones and look at the beardy-weirdy man with his grumpiest glare.

"Your shoes are undone!" says the beardy weirdy. How empty and meaningless must his life be if he has the time to pursue peole down the street telling them this! Triple P knows when his shoes are undone it is just that he has chosen not to do them up again at that particular moment.

"Would you like to do them up again for me, then?" asks Triple P. Beardy wierdy retreats muttering.

When the same thing happened in the St Regis last week M's mother, J, was quite happy to tie them up again (although I suspect it was mainly so she could show off her legs as her already short skirt rode up even higher). Although we could have done without the "looks like they were tied by a baboon in the dark" comment.

Don't point out a problem unless you are prepared to be part of the solution!
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