Calendar Girl September: Jessica-Jane Clement

Well our 500th post should have been about something momentous but, as we have been agonising for over two weeks as to what it should be and not coming up with anything, we'll just have to settle for last month's calendar girl Jessica-Jane Clement.

Anyway, when we were discussing the matter with Agent DVD over a litre or two of binge last week he insisted that the five hundredth post should be about girls (as opposed to rockets, the perils of travelling on the underground, supermarkets, seaplanes, hotels or any of the other things we routinely ramble on about.

Effective knickers!

We have never heard of Jessica-Jane but her main claim to fame seems to be appearing in a TV show called The Real Hustle where, for the supposed reasons of entertainment, people (including JJ) purport to swindle and cheat ordinary members of the public out of money or property. This is meant to warn them of the dangers of confidence tricksters but, of course, actually only serves to educate criminals on how to do things better. We are sure that it is very popular with Somalis, Albanians and other such riff-raff.

Apparently Jessica-Jane won the audition for the show by successfully completing a task which involved getting a male member of the production team to buy her a drink. Not too onerous we wouldn't have thought.

Anyway, 25 year old JJ has also appeared as an actress in a number of TV shows and some even more minor films.
Jessica Jane sucks some lollipop for Playboy

As an eighteen year old she also took off all her clothes for Playboy but since that time now looks almost unrecognisable given she has changed her hair colour and now has a much bigger bust.

What is it about Jessica Jane that makes photographers want her to suck on lollipops?

JJ is from Sheffield so undoubtedly has that really annoying Yorkshire accent. She studied performing arts (not surprisingly) at college but also (surprisingly) psychology.

She has done lots of modelling for the more downmarket lads mags and has appeared as a dancer in music videos.

We think she is rather attractive in an oddly Slavic sort of way but much prefer her with dark hair.

Perhaps it was this friendly encounter with the young lady on the left in the picture above that persuaded her to change her hair colour.

Even though her natural bust was very small we much prefer it, of course, to the artificially boosted one she now has.

Yes of course they look better in lingerie photographs but it's all about the tactile qualities for Agent Triple P.

Agent Triple P once had a girlfriend who had a bust exactly the same shape as Jessica Jane in her early pictures, here. It was not only enjoyably tactile but orally very enjoyable as well.

We don't like the sound of TheReal Hustle, but next time it is on we will take a quick peek to see JJ in motion.

Sadly, Jessica Jane has recently ruined her rather neat little body with some truly horrible tatoos. Tragic!

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