Beauty Queen of the Month: Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez

Don't know what all the other girls on other planets think about her being Miss Universe. Could start an interstellar war!

Just Agent Triple P's type!

Agent Triple P congratulates lithe, Uruguayan Stefanía on winning the Miss Universe competition yesterday.

The contest took place in Nassau, Bahamas and is the first time successive winners have come from the same country. She took the crown from compatriot, 2008 winner, Dayana Mendoza who was so excited she dropped it in the handover ceremony.

Dayana. Cute but dumb

Dayana is the lovely but airheaded beauty who recently visited the US Guantanamo Bay holiday camp in Cuba and declared: “I didn’t want to leave; it was such a relaxing place, so calm and beautiful. We saw the jails where they shower and recreate themselves with movies, art classes, books”. Never mind, you look nice.

Venezuela, with six wins in total is now just second (seven wins) to the United States in this competition.

I'm all about my Art not my legs!

This was the 58th competition; the first being held in Long Beach in 1952. It was set up when 1950 Miss America (first held in 1921)winner, Yolande Betbeze refused to wear the swimsuit provided by sponsor Pacific Mills after winning the contest. Convent educated Yolande, from Alabama, wanted to be recognised as a serious opera singer and so became an early flag bearer for feminism. As a result, Pacific Mills left the Miss America competition and set up their own rival Miss USA and Miss Universe competitions. The contest is now owned by Donald Trump.

I wonder what her other measurements are?

18 year old Stefanía is a strapping 5'10" tall and has Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish blood. In fact she has been accused of not mixing with the other Latin American girls and spending her time with the Europeans instead. Beauty pageants bitchy, surely not?

Venezuela also tie in first place (with India) for most rival contest, Miss World, wins as well (five). Our friend S who spends a lot of time in South America ventures that Venezuelan women are particularly attractive, in his not inconsiderable experience. A few years ago Agent Triple P had dinner with an Italian professional cycling team in Helsinki and they also ventured that the podium girls in Venezuela were the most beautiful in the world.

Case proven!

Tree hugging credentials are vital in today's eco-aware world

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