3 zones this "summer"

Agent Triple P's neighbour demonstrates 2 out of 3

It is remarkably warm today (hovering around 30 degrees in London) and the girlies in the West End are out and about demonstrating this season's summer gear.

There are three erogenous zones on display in the World's greatest city this summer.

1 Legs. Short shorts, hot pants and microskirts mean the sky is the limit for leggy babes about town.

2 Busts. Much to Agent DVD's delight; very, very low cut tops reveal just about everything.

3 Tummies. Are back big time with a renaissance in crop tops.

Of course if you want to demonstrate class then you should really only reveal one erogenous zone at a time. Two is definitely lacking in class and three means you are probably a footballer's girlfriend or a Page 3 girl!

Nevertheless we are really enjoying the displays in Oxford Street. Shame the summer only ever lasts a day or two! Last night Agent DVD and I were on the South Bank and the displays were most diverting! Last week we had dinner (and breakfast, we confess) with the lovely M and she showed how to do number 1 with great panache!

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