Every morning, on the Northern Line station at Waterloo, Agent Triple P has to endure this video, now that we have these annoying projectors and screens everywhere on the Underground. We have watched it for months now and been completely unable to decipher it. Our best interpretation is as follows. There is,of course, no sound on the video on the station and if there is a soundtrack we still haven't listened to it.

Girl with headphones wishes she had friends and could go to the VIP section of a music concert instead of being a sad loner with her iPod. We are not sure of the implication of the two fingered horns symbol (traditionally given to a cuckhold in Italy) that appears underneath her friends (perhaps one of her friends is having sex with her husband?)

She eventually notices a man opposite with a 1970s Afro and, given her own poor taste in hairstyles, they immediately connect (but in an American idiom, as that seems to be what all media people think young people respond to).

He gives her a VIP music concert ticket (I would imagine it isn't for Tristan und Isolde at Covent Garden).

She agrees to have sex with him on the train as a thank you.

What possible product, we wonder, could encourage men to buy sexual favours off women by giving them concert tickets?

Well, we gave in and looked at their website today (surely their point) and it turns out that they are a save the planet-type green charity that takes donations of old mobile phones and spends them on solar projects etc. How this video relates to this work we are still unable to fathom.

Young people,eh?

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