Calendar Girl December: Naya Rivera

Well, our final young lady for 2012 was another one we had never heard of.  Miss Naya Rivera is an American actress and, latterly, singer who had a part in a series called Glee, which is very popular with teenage girls.

She played a lesbian cheerleader which is, of course, the best kind. She is apparently very religious and has been criticised for playing this part by other religious people in America.

Religious or not see seems, thankfully, very happy to pose about in not many clothes for the likes of FHM and Maxim; which has given her respectable scores in their annual sexiest women charts (39 for FHM and 27 for Maxim in 2012).  The AfterEllen lesbian website voted her number one on their Hot 100 list in both 2011 and 2012.

This is our favourite shot of her looking all junglicious in her little pink swimsuit.  Agent Triple P certainly goes for the dark and sultry type and she is part Puerto Rican which explains her looks.  Triple P visited Puerto Rico once and found that there were a lot of very attractive women there.

Naya actually had her first acting role as a baby and seems to have been acting pretty constantly since the age of four (she is now twenty-six). 

She doesn't have a particularly exciting figure but makes the best of it and her belly button is very inviting.  Gorgeous hair, though!

So that's it for 2012's calendar girls.  We are sorry we got so behind with them but we are now in a position to post January 2013 actually within the month and then, hopefully, get the rest of the year's appearing at the beginning of the month!

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