Tour de France 2012 Podium Girls: 2

Time for another look at this year's podium girls and this time its those who hand over the maillot jaune so they really should be the pick of the bunch.  Bradley Wiggins has been picking up a fair few Credit Lyonnais lions this week but at least he has been collecting them and his jerseys from some delightful podium girls.  Triple P particularly likes the one on the right.

The one on the left is too Minnie Driver for Triple P whereas the one on the right is more Kristin Davies which is better.

Minnie (not her real name)

Charlotte (that is her real name)

Sometimes the Yellow Jersey girls wear black for some reason but have natty little scarves so that they can remember what they are supposed to be doing.

But mostly its yellow.  There are four maillot jaune hostesses but this one is the only blonde.  Well, actually we don't think she is a real blonde.

The Tour seems to have abandoned its totally misguided trial last year of podium boys which would have only been appropriate for female riders.  Some people (ugly women, mostly) say there is no place for podium girls any more but we can't see them disappearing any time soon.  This is France, after all not Canada.


This girl, Marie-Alexie Bazerque, is something of a veteran podium girl, having been a maillot jaune girl back in 2007, a year after she was a semi-finalist in the Miss France competition.

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