Amii Stewart: Record Covers

Knock on Wood 1979

American born Amii Stewart first found fame working in London with British producer Barry Leng and had several big hits, including Knock on Wood which charted in 1979.  Triple P was very taken with her from the moment he saw this striking record cover and immediately bought her first album.  

We had at least one poster of her up on our wall at college.  In our third year we had a room in North Oxford and here is a photo of it with our poster of Amii, centre bottom between the door and our bookcase.

Try Love 1984

She was regarded as a slightly B grade disco diva in the Donna Summer mould but Triple P enjoyed some of her work a great deal and she had a better voice than much of her material showcased..  Her career never really took off but she was, nonetheless, a fantastically beautiful girl and we recall buying at least one record of hers (above) purely on the basis of the cover photo.  By this time she had moved to Italy where they are quite happy to gratuitously exploit women's looks without anyone objecting.

Intense May 2012

Amii is still making records and still looking sensational.  Over 30 years after Knock on Wood she can still pose, most effectively, wearing very little for her latest CD cover.

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