Rocky the Giant Lobster

Agent Triple P, on the whole, does not like seafood but he is very partial to lobster.  He was intrigued by the story, therefore of the giant lobster caught in a fisherman's net off the coast of Maine.  Rocky, either named after the Rockland area where he was caught or because of his large claws (or both - no one seems sure), measured a whopping four feet long and weighed 27lbs.

 Rocky next to a normal lobster

Rocky was released back into the sea as large lobsters like this lay disproportionate numbers of eggs and help keep the stocks up, although whether Rocky was actually a Rockette is also not clear.  Lobster is expensive in Britain and most of ours come from Canada.  We once went to a lobster feast in Prince Edward Island where one of the inhabitants told us that when they were small they had to wrap up the remains of lobster they had had for dinner in newspaper before they put it in the rubbish as only poor people ate lobster and it would have been embarassing to have been caught doing so!

The kindly people at the Maine State Aquarium provided a snack for Rocky before releasing him

The best lobster we ever ate was in the Shanghai Court restaurant in the Grand Hyatt, Taipei. It was perfectly tender with none of that chewiness you can get from some lobster (which is why, incidentally, Rocky would not have made very good eating).  Rubbery! Or, rather, it wasn't.
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