Strictly Come Dancing: Ola's catsuit of 2011

Our weather has, at last, turned normal for the time of year (i.e. cold damp grey and foggy) so it was nice to get Polish sex bomblet Ola Jordan in a catsuit on Strictly Come Dancing this Saturday to warm things up.   The BBC sensibly waited until their big Wembley Arena spectacular before unveiling  Ola  in this year's little number and it did not disappoint.  We were concerned that we may not get a catsuit this year because, after all, when she first wore one there were complaints and the BBC said at the time they wouldn't be putting her in another one. 

Given the current "anti raunchy" campaign led by the Daily Mail to stop anything remotely sensual on TV we thought that this might be a catsuit free year but, no, Ola appeared on Saturday resplendent in a lacy blue number with silver trim, although we were not sure about her big hair.

This year's version was well up to standard without, perhaps, topping the original shiny leopard print version she wore with Andrew Castle in 2008.

There are some who feel that the ne plus ultra of Ola catsuits was the red one she wore with Chris Hollins in 2009 (the year they went on to win the trophy).  Although it was even more abbreviated than the leopard print one it falls short for Triple P as it conceals her cute tummy button.

Our third favourite after the leopard print and this year's blue number was the one she wore last year for her showdance with husband James.  No wonder he always looks so irritatingly smug!
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