Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at Transformers 3 London Premiere

The lovely, lovely Rosie, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was looking imperiously elegant at  the premiere of the new Transformers film in sweltering London last night.

She certainly scubs up nicely and her extremely slinky midnight blue Burberry frock was just the thing for our current mini-heatwave.  It was over 28 degrees yesterday and a predicted 30 degrees plus today.  Even with our French windows open it is 30 degrees in Triple P's study this morning (10.15am).

Rosie, Rosie replaces pitted-cheeked Megan Fox as the obligatory tottie for the older boys who want to watch a film that flogs Japanese toy cars.  Fox blotted her copybook with producer Steven Spielberg (who should be ashamed for involving himself in this tripe) by referring to director Michael Bay as "like Hitler".   Super-sensitive about anything to do with the Nazis, Spielberg gave Fox the boot and replaced her with lovely, lovely Rosie, Rosie.

Huntington-Whiteley on the cover of GQ

The film company's publicity machine has been working at full blast to promote Rosie, Rosie (actually to the point of neglecting to say anything about the actual film) who has become fairly ubiquitous in the press of late.  Never mind, Triple P is always happy to gaze upon someone so lovely; the ultmate presentation of whom, so far, is the current cover of GQ where she looks absolutely edible.

This is a magnificently sensuous photograph which is all about that swathe of fabric between her thighs and that point where the inner curve of her right thigh swerves into her bottom.  In fact, we think this has replaced the famous cakes picture as our favourite Rosie, Rosie image.

Now, we wonder whether she can actually act...?  Not that it matters, really.
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