How much for a garden chair?

Here in "Britain's answer to Beverly Hills" we get a number of free "lifestyle" magazines posted through the door, full of advertisements for estate agents, interior designers, private schools, supercar dealers etc etc.  This month's Elmbridge Lifestyle Magazine had a feature on garden furniture.  Oh good, we think, we could do with a new chair for the garden so we can sit and read in the sun, especially as we have a heatwave predicted for this summer (although its actually raining today for the first time in weeks). 

The one at the top of the page is called an Altea chair and is made by Varaschin and you can pick one up in Modern and Classic Interiors in Esher, just down the road.  That is, you can pick one up if you have £11,638 to hand.  £11,638!  For a garden chair!  That's over $19,000!  You can buy a reasonable brand new Japanese car for that!  Good grief!
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