Most searched items: October 2010

Megan Fox displays her talent

Less radical movement this month although Megan Fox delivered a crushing victory.  Biggest climber was Gabriell Drake and highest first time entry was Olivia Hussey.

1 (2) Megan Fox.  Destroys the competition this month with over four times the runner up's score
2 (4) Kelly Brook.  Back up for the busy Miss Brook.
3 (10) Gabrielle Drake.  Back into the top 3 fro UFO lovely.
4 (6) Margaret Nolan. Back up for the ever popular Margaret/Vicki.
5 (9) Ayshea Brough. Back up too for another UFO babe.
6 (11) Simone Bendix. Another month on the up for lovely Space Precinct actress.
7 (1) Cindy Morgan.  Tron actress drops from the top.
8 (3) Cheryl Cole. Dame Cheryl slides slightly.  More people have heard her music, obviously.
9 (7) Jennifer Connelly. Slight slip for elegant Hollywood actress.
10 (5) Linda Lusardi. Another tumble for Linda.
11 (15) Irina Shayk. Back up for Sports Illustrated WAG Irena.
12 (16) Brande Roderick. Must be one of the most memorable Playboy pictorials.
13 (-) Emily Blunt.  Re-entry for Emily.

Olivia Hussey

14 (-) Olivia Hussey.  New entry for breathtaking seventies actress.
15 (-) Tori Praver.  Re-entry for SI girl.
17 (-) Céline Roscheck. New entry for former Miss Austria and violinist
18 (20) Jade Ewen. Up slighly for Eurovison girl for Sugababe.
19 (17) Pirate Girls. Still shivering timbers.
20 (-) Sophie Howard.  Re-entry for busty favourite.

Top non girlie searches were :

1 When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth.
Jerome Moross.
3 Lagar de Bouza Albarino.
4 Norman bel Geddes.
5 Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach.
6 Phillips cassette recorder.
7 Virgin Spaceship 2 nose art.
8 Pan Am China clipper.
9 Ford Edsell.
10 SS France.
11 Dynosoar.
12 Space Precinct.
13 Sellotape.
14 Porky White's Surrey Sausages.
15 Biltmore Hotel Tequila Sunrise. 
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