Big Breakfast of the Week: 1 Savannah Restaurant, Intercontinental Hotel, Lusaka

Proper bacon

Well, Triple P has just returned from his first visit to Sub-Saharan Africa; Zambia to be precise.  The vagaries of flight timetables and availability, given a rather last minute booking, resulted in Triple P having to stay in the hotel rather longer than he intended.  Our meetings were, shall we say, at flexible times, in the African way and so, in such circumstances, it is doubly important to get a good breakfast.  Triple P's defininition of a good breakfast means a cooked breakfast.  We simply cannot be doing with nonsensical fripperies like croissants, cereals and other faraginous items.

Poolside location

The restaurant overlooks the pool and so we were entertained most mornings by a striking redhead ploughing up and down whilst we ate our breakfast.  We are afraid that we weren't tempted to do any exercise at all during our stay.

Now there are two ways that hotels provide cooked breakfasts; the buffet and a la carte.  Each has certain advantages but, on balance, we prefer a la carte as the meal is more likely to be hot when it arrives on the table. The Savannah restaurant did not have an a la carte option, however, so it was the buffet alone.  The restaurant itself is a split level affair which is under cover but open to the fresh air.  it was the start of the rainy season when Triple P visited but it was still very warm (high twenties - low thirties).

Lots of space

The buffet, however, was rather good and much better than we had expected.  The sausages consisted of both pork (particularly excellent) and beef varities and were not nearly as fatty as most hotel offerings (they like their food in Zambia and it shows).  They had the ususal streaky bacon but most unusually also had proper English-style back bacon.  There were also baked beans, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and a different potato dish every day.  There were  more exotic options like beef, rice,chicken and fish (ugh!) for the less traditional.  Best still they had a proper egg station so you could get omelettes and fresh fried or scrambled eggs.  On the day we took this picture we went for the scarmbled egg option.

The service was, on the whole, very good with only the occasional slightly grumpy waitress.  Although the hotel was full the restaurant always seemed rather empty but that, I gather, is because the prices ar rather astronomic for the city.  Still, there were often a few lovelies in the morning floating about the place to enhance the atmosphere.

Nice scenery

Other excellent accompaniments included English mustard and, wonders, HP Sauce.  Best yet, breakfast was included in the price of our room!

The tea was satisfactory and the juices were rather too sweet and tropical for Triple P's taste.

All in all a surprising 7/10.
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