Black and White Babe of the Week 11: Katherine Heigl

Agent Triple P has just returned from Washington DC, more of which anon, and so feels that it is appropriate that BAWBOTW should be the luscious Katherine Heigl, who was born in DC nearly thirty years ago on November 24 1978.

Agent DVD and I have long been appreciators of Miss Heigl (which is pronounced Hi-gle not Hay-gle) since she was very much the best thing in Roswell (1999-2001). Agent Triple P had, prior to this, seen her in that fine piece of American cinema, Under Siege 2 (1995), as a feisty teenager and no doubt Agent DVD had seen her in My Father the Hero (1994) a totally unecessary remake of Mon père, ce héros (1991); both starring Gérard Depardieu.

We were both worried that she might disappear without trace following the cancellation of Roswell but after a string of forgettable TV movies she turned up on Grey's Anatomy (2005-present) which became a hit. Then she appeared in hit film Knocked Up (2007) and now commands $3 million a film. So much so that she declined to be nominated for an Emmy this year (she one last year for Grey's Anatomy) saying she hadn't had enough to do in the last series. Is she trying to get out or just get better scripts? Anyway ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson was worried enough last week to make a statement that she was staying with the show, Agent DVD will be relieved!
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