Fishnet ban at law firm

Would you ban this?

It seems a law firm (everyone is assuming it is a London one) has banned its female staff from wearing fishnet tights at work as it "distracts male colleagues". This is causing all sorts of nonsense in the press as the grubby hacks try to get pro and con quotes.

Agent Triple P's favourite was:

"At my firm, our investment banking clients were always happy to see us girls at negotiation meetings in very short skirts. Our male colleagues were very happy about it too. Do I detect a hint of jealousy among the frumps that can't get away with it?"

Well, Agent Triple P's not inconsiderable experience of lady lawyers in London is that he would rather not see most female solicitors in fishnets. Burkas, perhaps. Of course there is the City phenomenon whereby the senior women dress in a-line dresses, flat shoes and plain blouses and the secretaries dress in pinstripe suits. No doubt these girls think that the fishnets perk up the pinstripes so perhaps the ban is aimed at the junior staff. Also, maybe it's not a London firm. Maybe its some dreary provincial firm in Norwich or somewhere else uncool like that. Actually, Agent Triple P used to know a girl from Norwich (or at least very close by) who looked sensational in fishnets so maybe we are being unfair.

Too tasteful to be banned?

Of course there are fishnets and fishnets and there will no doubt come the thorny issue of when is a pattern a fishnet and when is it just a lacy diamond pattern. Maybe the ban is just aimed at the classic Moulin Rouge/Chicago look and not some of the more sophisticated numbers that have come onto the market recently.

Agent Triple P's neighbour demonstrates how badly fishnets cover a thigh tattoo.

Really, Agent Triple P's only observation would be that no women should wear fishnets unless they have very, very good legs indeed. They are not easy to carry off!

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