Black and White babe of the week 1: Kara Young

Agent Triple P has been out of the country (more of which anon) for nearly two weeks with only intermittent internet coverage. He needs to catch up on his posting, therefore. In the interim here is the first in our (we intend) new weekly feature, black and white babe of the month.

Black and white photographs carry, of course, that long heritage back to the time when some enterprising Frenchman (Philippe Debussy, E. Delacroix, Eugene Durieu or B. Braquehais) in the nineteenth century (probably around 1847) first persuaded a young lady to remove all her clothes to recreate a classical, painterly pose with the wonderful new technology. Black and White nude photography has always been, as is well known, Art.

Of course, the French being the French ,they very quickly produced much racier fare as well and thereby started todays multi-billion dollar pornography industry. Up until then, erotica had been the preserve of the rich and powerful male. By the late nineteenth century thousands of cheap photographic prints were available to all in the shops in Paris. So, although I never thought I would say it: hooray for the French!

In this fine tradition Triple P is starting his online collection with this photograph of late eighties/early nineties Elite model Kara Young.
This is one of Triple P's favourite nude photographs. The photograph is all about texture. The grain gives it a rather ethereal feel and the exposure means Miss Young's limbs blend into the couch on which she reclines. Her fingers rest on unlikely auto-erotic contact points: the upper arm and the heel whilst the inside of her forearms brush her stomach and behind. Her pose is unsure and vulnerable and yet she challenges the viewer with her strong and self-confident gaze. What then tops this all for Triple P is that she has those dark, exotic looks. Splendid!
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