Miss August: Aline Nakashima

Twenty-five year old Aline Naksahima is a Brazilian model who is half Japanese.

A top fashion model as well as a swimsuit model she has the interesting ability to look oriental is some shots and Brazilian in others.

Agent Triple P has never interacted with a Japanese girl, although at 5'9" tall she is hardly prototypical.

We did, however, have a very enjoyable interaction with a Brazilian model we met at Milan Fashion Week in the late eighties.

Our aristocratic Italian friend M had invited us to his brother's birthday party and it seemed to consist almost entirely of Italian and Brazilian models eating green salad and drinking huge amounts of champagne.

Given that most of these women weighed about seven and a half stone it wasn't long before they had completely lost all their inhibitions (there was a lot of dancing on tables we remember).

The Brazilian model I sat next to at the preliminary dinner was very slim and tall with very long black hair and ridiculously long legs.

Despite her not speaking English and Agent Triple P not speaking Portuguese we got on like a house on fire using a horrible mixture of mangled French and Italian.

Very Famous Franco-Italian Model in her most famous photograph

This was all much to M's annoyance, who was trying and failing to pick up a Very Famous Franco-Italian Model (she later would go out with a Very Famous Rock Star, 23 years her senior; A Very Famous Actor, 13 years her senior and a Very Famous Property Developer, 22 years her senior). Interestingly when we feature a model in these pages we try to find one or two pictures of her without her clothes. For American models this is nearly impossible, for most you can find one or two (like the one of Aline below) but when I searched TVMFIT she seemed to be naked in nearly all of her pictures

I think M was too young and not nearly famous enough! It's all about being realistic about one's targets, as we told him severeal days later in the Bar Campari in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (Leadenhall Market' s big brother).

Her name, sad to say, completely escapes me, but she was about 19 years old (ie about ten years younger than me at the time).

I do remember that I had a large suite at the Hotel Palace and she spent two days padding about it eating figs and drinking even more Champagne dressed, largely, in one of my New & Lingwood striped shirts and a gold ankle chain.

So we like Aline, she is a nicely exotic mixture with an unusual look.

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