Lost Babes 1: Lysette Anthony

Sometimes a babe comes along, burns brightly for a short time and disappears. This is because she is either: snapped up by a rich husband and forbidden to continue in the public eye, is completely talentless and her looks alone are unable to sustain a career or she can just never build on her original impact and is doomed to a life of bit parts.

The latter is the fate, sadly, of the lovely Lysette Anthony. Lysette was born in 1963 and although she had been acting on the stage since the age of ten she first made a major impact in the early eighties on TV and in the feature film Krull. Krull was supposed to be an answer to Star Wars and had a huge budget but totally failed at the box office despite a supporting cast of British character actors and an early, fine score by James (Titanic ) Horner which he subsequently plundered in a way that would have made even Handel feel ashamed.

Despite posing for Playboy she never really made the transfer to Hollywood but continued appearing in endless TV productions, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, The Gentle Touch, Lovejoy, Campion etc. In the nineties she made a series of Z movies such as Dracula: Dead and Loving it, Trilogy of Terror III, Tales of the Mummy etc. She then returned to UK TV in shows such as Jonathan Creek, Poirot and those saviours of British actors everywhere, The Bill and Casualty.

She was always happy to disrobe when artistically necessary and she remains a classic example of a British actress who could have gone on to greater things with a bit more luck and maybe a Hollywood A list boyfriend (Catherine Zeta Jones, for heavens sake).

Not many people remember Lysette these days but Agent Triple P does, with great appreciation.
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