Calendar Girl May: Nicole Neal

Nicole's Calendar Picture

May's Calendar girl is another young lady we haven't heard of largely, we suspect, because we don't "read" Nuts, Front or other such lad's mags.    Nicole Neal is a glamour model who actually isn't from Essex!  She hails from genteel Bournemouth; a pleasant seaside town which is popular with retired people.

Agent Triple P went to Bournemouth on a team building/management course with one of his previous employers twenty years or so ago.  We had a nice hotel room with a view of the sea and spent three days doing nonsensical things with Lego and eggs.  We hooked up with a very busty girl from one of the firm's other offices which resulted in neither of us getting enough sleep to undertake the wooden puzzle we had to do the next morning.  Unfortunate, as it was revealed that it came from The Early Learning Centre and was designed for really quite young children.

The lady concerned was bouncy in every way and certainly enhanced what would otherwise have been a rather dreary time, as it was the middle of winter and not a good time to visit a seaside resort.

Nicole, a former fine arts student, has studied ballet and tap dancing and demonstrates some enviable flexibility in many of her photo shoots.

Unlike most of the FHM calendar girls we feature here, we can find very little about her on the internet.  She does not have a Wikipedia entry, for example.

Nicole: Page 3 girl

We have discovered that she has been a Page 3 girl for the Sun.  Usually the calender girls we have on The Adventures of Triple P are a little more covered up than Nicole but we have found it quite difficult to find that many pictures of her dressed.  Which is not a bad thing.

Miss Neal, coincidentally, was born on the same day as Agent Triple P, albeit 32 years later.  Hopefully, she will keep posing for shots such as this which will enable us to feature her again when our birthday rolls around once more.  Nicely toned legs in this one.

She has a really rather splendid figure with a very pert and toned posterior which may be as a result of the dance training.  Some of these shots were done for high street lingerie/sex shop Ann Summers.  Recently we looked after some ladies from an American university who were surprised to see a shop selling vibrators, handcuffs and other such items on British high streets.  Over 70% of Ann Summers' customers are women and the chain sells over 2 million vibrators a year.

Nicole for Ann Summers

In March Ann Summers announced that high street chemist Superdrug will be selling their sex toys in their stores.  Other major UK chemist (drugstore) Boots tried something similar in 2010 but had to withdraw the range of sex toys from their shops following protests by (largely) mothers.

 Real? They look like it

Nicole has a particularly nice bust with splendid nipples and a lovely overall shape.  They are such a nice shape that we wondered if they might be artificially enhanced but examination of a number of videos of her leads us to believe, given the way they move, that they are real.

Here Miss Neal seems to have annoyed another finely constructed young lady, one Danielle Sharp, to the extent that the latter feels she has to restrain our calendar girl.  Fortunately, all arguments seem to be resolved and they kiss and make up.

So, we admire Miss Neal's fine form and pretty face (and not all such models are as pretty, we have to say) and certainly will be looking out for more pictures of her to use to celebrate our birthday in January.
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