Calendar Girl August: Alexandra Stan

Alexandra's calendar pose

We're determined to get all our calendar girls posted by the end of the year so it's on to August and Alexandra Stan.

Frankly, we had no idea who Miss Stan was but a younger young lady pointed out to us that she was the singer of the annoying song Mr Saxobeat, with its dreadful synthesised saxophone sound.  Adolphe Sax (one of the ten apocryphal famous Belgians) would be spinning in his grave, no doubt.

Whatever, the really rather luscious Alexandra is Romanian and was born in Constanta the oldest city in Romania.  Founded in 600BC as a Greek colony there is also a legend that has it founded by Ae√ętes, the King of Colchis who lost the Golden Fleece to Jason.

Passes the Agent Triple P "does she look good in a vest?" test

Alexandra is 23 years old but doesn't appear to be building on the success of Mr Saxobeat (probably just as well).  Never mind, she is very easy on the eye.

Agent Triple P visited Romania for the first time this year and was very impressed with the number of very attractive local women.  Well worth a visit in the summer!

Alexandra seems happy to pose in skimpy clothing for photographers, to excellent effect, so we'll forgive her the annoying song.

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